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What to Expect
at Your Appointment

When you come to Island Hearing Services for your first appointment, your visit will be broken into a few parts.

1. Our audiologist will begin with a conversation to get to know you. She will go over your paperwork and take a case history to understand where you are having trouble hearing and how it is affecting you.
2. Then she will perform an ear exam by using an otoscope to look at the inside of your ears at your ear canal and eardrum.
3. A full hearing test will be performed to assess how well you can hear different frequencies and pitches in quiet and in noise.

4. The results of your hearing exam will be recorded on an audiogram, which our audiologist will go over with you in detail.


Island Hearing Services is located at 12 Mariners Way. We are right next door to Edgartown Meat & Fish Market and next to the Granite near the Triangle on Mariners Way.

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