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Island Hearing Services is dedicated to helping you hear better.


Island Hearing Services is located at 12 Mariners Way. We are right next door to Edgartown Meat & Fish Market and next to the Granite near the Triangle on Mariners Way.

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About Island Hearing Service

Island Hearing Services was established to offer the residents of Martha’s Vineyard compassionate hearing healthcare services. Dr. Jamie Loschen, the owner and an audiologist, has been a long-time resident of the island and recognized a need for patient-centered hearing care within the community. She founded Island Hearing Services to meet this need and to raise awareness about the significance of hearing health.

Our Services

Island Hearing Services offers a comprehensive range of audiology services tailored to meet the needs of adults of all ages. Our services include thorough hearing assessments, expert fittings and programming of hearing aids, repairs and cleanings of hearing aids, custom-made earmolds for comfort and effectiveness, and specialized tinnitus management techniques. We are dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate care. Schedule an appointment at our hearing clinic and take the first step towards better hearing today!

Patient getting a hearing test at her local hearing aid center
Patient filling our paperwork for hearing hearing examination at her local hearing center

What to Expect
at Your Appointment

When you visit Island Hearing Services for your initial appointment, your session will consist of several components:

1. Our audiologist will start with a discussion to learn about you. She will review your paperwork and take a case history to gain insights into your hearing challenges and their impact on your daily life.

2. Next, she will conduct an ear examination using an otoscope to inspect the inner parts of your ears, including the ear canal and eardrum.

3. You will then undergo a comprehensive hearing test to evaluate your ability to hear various frequencies and pitches, both in quiet and noisy environments.

4. The findings from your hearing test will be documented on an audiogram, which our audiologist will explain to you thoroughly to ensure you understand your hearing health completely.

Please bring your ID and insurance card with you to your appointment. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly.

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